Oro Gold Cosmetics Look Great at the Mall

By | June 5, 2023

Oro Gold Cosmetics may as well be a synonym for luxury skin care products. The line of products they make are second to none in packaging and in display quality. The popular skin care line, which has several mall kiosks spread across the USA and Canada, is making waves with its popular 24k gold formula. The formula is used with an infusion of real 24k gold, which is said to be made in Italy.

I was just at the Boca Town Center, where there is an Oro Gold Cosmetics kiosk. While shopping I took a moment to admire the products. They look amazing on display, probably better than any other skin care product I have ever seen on such a display like that. I took the time out of my daily shopping routine to ask some questions and gather some more information. The attendant was very helpful and answered a wealth of questions for me, without any hesitation or resistance.

Gold is an anti aging super ingredient, the attendant told me. It has been traced back way into the days of Cleopatra, who used real gold in her facial routine. He told me a lot of technical information that I didn’t retain too well, but when I left the kiosk I was very much sold on gold as an anti aging treatment.

The most popular product recently has been the 24k deep peeling. Peels are amazing for the skin, and can remove many skin impediments and of course dead skin cells. This is becoming an important treatment for people as they age, the attendant told me. Also, the eye serum is working wonders as a therapeutic daily use cream to apply under the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The bionic treatment is becoming popular as well as it is essentially a spot treatment for wrinkles. Being able to find and target wrinkles with a treatment like that has a lot of customers happy, was the consensus.

One skin care product I was really impressed with was the daily moisturizer. It comes in a round circular ball, and it’s presentation was amazing. I got to try a little bit and apply it to my hands and neck, and it absorbed into the skin quite well. There were many different combo packs available for purchase by this kiosk facility, and depending on what you wanted to treat you could essentially mix and match products to your liking to get the effect you want on your skin. Of course, these products are not cheap compared to others, there is a price for gold! However, several sites online sell the Oro Gold Cosmetics line of products at a discount. If you look around I am sure you can stumble into some of them.

Overall I have to say I was very impressed with the line of products, and I am looking at getting a set for my Sister as her birthday is coming up. I would say if they work half as good as they look, these products will be amazing.