Deciding to Start a New Career in the Culinary Arts

By | May 21, 2023

If you are one of those who love spending time in preparing different foods or like to work with people in food decoration then making a career in culinary industry can surely be the most appropriate decision. In fact, the culinary industry can be the excellent place to start and make your living. If we talk about the scope and future prospects of this industry then we can easily see that it is emerging as one of the most preferred fields among young students. Starting from restaurants, private clubs, resorts, hotels, cruise lines, etc. you have numerous options to work as a chef, pastry chef, food preparation worker or restaurant and hotel managers.

Today as per the recent study done by the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics, the culinary industry symbolizes one of the top growing professional categories in the nation. In United States alone, there are near about 900,000 restaurant locations. Adding to this, the industry is also the prime source of daily more than 12.2 million employees. Apart from this, as per the recent observations made by some of the industry experts, the projected annual sales are growing at a good and steady rate of almost 5% a year, which is definitely better than many other industries. In addition to this, it is also estimated that by 2014, the restaurant industry will have need of other 1.5 million workers as chefs, caterers, food critics and restaurant managers. So if you are actually deciding to learn both classic and modern culinary techniques, kitchen management skills, and the multiplicity of culinary arts, its better you complete your culinary education and get your culinary degree today. While an associate culinary degree targets the fundamental skills and cuisine studies required for making a variety of foods, bachelor’s degree on another hand provides the same foundation and management knowledge that in turns educates you for leadership in and beyond the kitchens and bakeshops.

You must understand that a culinary degree can provide you an advantage when it comes to getting yourself in at a high-end restaurant, even if you don’t have a lot of practical experience. At a top culinary school, you actually gain knowledge of all the art and science behind the flavors and learn new skills required for working in the culinary field. You can know more about a wide variety of cuisines and different theories about foods. In fact, your culinary education at top culinary schools can help you gain the theoretical foundation of cooking as well as hands-on practical exposures in different major areas like:

  • Patisserie and Baking which teach you more about the baking arts in custards, breads, confections, etc.
  • Hospitality and Restaurant Management which provides you training in finances, management, and business operations

At the end, you decision of choosing a best culinary school also plays a very vital role. Therefore, before you select the culinary school make sure it has all of the following.

  • A proven history of high graduation and employment rates.
  • Alumna with successful careers along with smart salaries.
  • Good and successful alumni networks.

Today it might be very possible that the most respected or greatest chefs possibly have never enrolled themselves into a culinary school. They actually got their fame and positions due to their talent and good work, but yet it is important to understand that have a good knowledge of the field always pays you well. A proper training and education from a good and renowned culinary school can help you propel and enjoy to bigger opportunities in the future of culinary industry.